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    At B.C. Scale Co. Ltd We Sell, Service and Repair all types of scales, from  Industrial Floor Scales Compact Bench ScalesCrane Scales, Lab Scales, Counting Scales, Truck Scales, Pallet Scales, Load Cells, Test Weights, Printers, Remote Displays, Conveyor Belt Scales, legal for trade scales and everything in between.


Looking for the best solution in Scale Software?

B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. is now the Authorized Distributor for

Scaleit W8  (“weight”) is a new concept. We believe scale software shouldn’t be expensive to acquire, use, support or upgrade. The license is free. W8 is a powerful choice for any sized enterprise involved in scrap metal, recycling, aggregate, landfill, waste, or any other market segment needing ticketed weighing operations. 


As a Measurement Canada Accredited company, B.C. Scale Co. Ltd. can also perform Initial and Subsequent Government Certification of all of your Legal For Trade Scales. 

We also provide regular scheduled maintenance visits and provide documentation and traceability for your ISO and other quality program requirements.

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We offer competetive pricing on Loadcells, tank mounts and weigh assemblies for all your custom applications as well as many capacities of  crane scales and hanging scales, mechanical scales or digital scales. We also work closely with many OEMs to supply them with the correct equipment for their projects.



B.C Scale Co Ltd provides service on any of your scales, regardless of make or model. Whether its a hopper scale, kitchen scale, processing scale, medical scale, livestock scale or aggregate scale, our staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

All throughout British Columbia and the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley or on Vancouver Island, we go out of our "weigh" for you. 

We have attempted to provide a decent overview of a few of the products we sell including, Industrial Floor ScalesPrecision Lab Scales, baby scalesfreight scales, portable scales, and gram scales. It is almost impossible to display everything we carry, so please keep in mind... If you don’t see it on our website... please ask!

At B.C. Scale Co Ltd we go out of our "WEIGH" for you.

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